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Bob Barker and Federico

One of the most serious problems impacting animals is overpopulation. There are so many dogs being born every day, throughout the United States, that there are just not enough homes for all of them. This results in the destruction and mistreatment of thousands of animals.

Bob Barker, well-known television personality, established the DJ&T Foundation in 1995. The Foundation's goal is to fund low cost spay/neuter clinics and voucher programs as a way to help relieve animal over population. Barker, who ends every "Price is Right" show with an appeal to viewers to spay or neuter their pets, felt compelled to do more to address the problem.

The Foundation has funded clinics and voucher programs across the country to help animal lovers do their part in controling animal over population. While its mission is to assist all qualified organizations, the Foundation is most committed Dog1_c.gif (6295 bytes)to making grants at the grassroots level to deserving organizations that provide low cost or free spay/neuter services or voucher programs.

The DJ&T Foundation Board of Directors examines each qualified application carefully to be sure that a real need exists and that the organization provides excellent services in an efficient, responsible and humane manner. Grant applications may be downloaded from this web site, after prospective applicants review the siteís "Frequently Asked Questions" section, or by addressing an application request to:

The DJ&T Foundation
200 North Larchmont Boulevard, # 3
Los Angeles, CA 90004
phone: (323) 465-9955
fax: (323) 446-7187

The DJ&T Foundation is named in fond memory of Bobís wife, Dorothy Jo, and his mother, Matilda (Tilly) Valandra, both of whom loved all animals.

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