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PLEASE NOTE: The address for the DJ&T Foundation has changed.

All correspondence, including applications, should be sent to:

DJ&T Foundation
P.O. Box 5109
West Hills, CA 91308

Phone: (323) 819-9295

Note that FedEx and certain other shipping services will not deliver to a post office address. If you need to use one of these services, the address should read:

DJ&T Foundation
23055 Sherman Way, #5109
West Hills, CA 91308

Thank you.

Dear Applicant:

The DJ&T Foundation no longer accepts applications to underwrite spay and neuter programs or provide funds for spay and neuter clinics.

If you have a request for funding outside of these parameters that you think might interest the Foundation, you may send an application to our offices. Please be aware that the DJ&T Foundation does not consider Letters of Inquiry. If you are interested in potential funding, you MUST fill out the application and include all required information. All other inquiries will be returned.

Please download application here.

Your proposal must include:

  1. A copy of the application form, signed by the two officers of the board
  2. A summary of the project and its impact. Include in this a complete accounting of the funds you are requesting and what they will cover. If you are asking for equipment, we need to see catalog pages or written estimates.
  3. A copy of your 501(c)3 letter.
  4. If your organization has a tax-exempt status or is designated as a charity or non-profit in a country other than the United States, please tell us where and provide a copy of the appropriate designation paperwork.
  5. A list of your board of directors, including home phone numbers.
  6. Compensation for top employees, directors, and executive officers. Please include a list of the highest-paid employees of, or independent contractors for, your organization, along with their titles and their salaries. In addition, you must include any compensation paid to directors or executive officers. If some of your employees, directors or executive officers receive salaries out of specific projects rather than your general funds, or from another country in which your organization operates, please indicate that as well.
  7. A complete copy of your most-recent 990

If any of these items are missing from your proposal, it will be returned to you for revision.

Due to the quantity of mail and proposals that the DJ&T Foundation receives on a daily basis, if we are unable to help you, you may not hear from us. However, if we are interested in your proposal, you will hear from us within six months of a complete proposal reaching our office.

Thank you for your interest in the DJ&T Foundation, and for all you do for animal welfare.

-- The Board of the DJ&T Foundation

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